Version 5.0.0 of the MarketingCloudSDK (formerly JB4ASDK) introduces new methods for data storage encryption that are incompatible with the methods used in JB4ASDK.

For applications upgrading from a version of JB4ASDK to version 5.x.x, the framework provides for migrating prior customer data, including contact key, tags and attributes, from the JB4ASDK database into the new framework’s storage, re-encrypting the data, and cleaning up of old data files.

Meet these conditions for successful migration of the data.

  • Use the same values for Application Id and Access Token between app versions.
  • Migration requires an app store update. The user cannot delete and reinstall the app.
  • The app must maintain the same bundle id.
  • The app cannot delete JB4ASDK data on its own.