To implement the MarketingCloudSDK framework in your application, either use CocoaPods or manually set up the SDK.

Option 1: Implement the SDK with CocoaPods

  1. Follow the CocoaPods instructions using MarketingCloudSDK as a dependency in the podfile. See CocoaPods - MarketingCloudSDK:

    target 'MyApp' do
      pod 'MarketingCloudSDK', '~> 7.6'

    Open the .xcworkspace created by the install process with Xcode and start using the SDK.

    Do NOT open .xcodeproj. An error occurs if you open up a project file instead of a workspace.

Option 2: Implement the SDK manually

  1. Download the SDK.
  2. Copy the MarketingCloudSDK directory from your downloads to your project directory.

  3. Open your application project and select the appropriate target.

  4. Add MarketingCloudSDK.xcframework to Linked Frameworks and Libraries in your target’s General settings.

  5. Add MarketingCloudSDK.bundle to Copy Bundle Resources in your target’s Build Phases settings.

  6. Add -ObjC to your target’s Other Linker Flags build settings.

    Review additional information from Apple about this linker flag.

Next Steps

Configure the SDK