Implement Push

Before starting, make sure you have provisioned your app for push notifications outlined in Provision for Push document.

  1. Enable push notifications in your target’s Capabilities settings.

  2. Set your AppDelegate class to adhere to the UIApplicationDelegate and UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate protocol.

  3. Extend the SDK configuration code outlined in Configure the SDK to add support for push registration.

> Note: for information on handling URLs in MobilePush messages, see [Handling URLs](/MarketingCloudSDK-iOS/sdk-implementation/implementation-urlhandling.html).
  1. Add the required UIApplicationDelegate protocol methods (to support push registration) to your AppDelegate class.
  1. Add the required UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate protocol methods (to support push notifications) to your AppDelegate class.
> These methods use MarketingCloud SDK methods to enable the framework’s functionality to manage push notifications, which includes MobilePush contact registration and push analytics tracking.

> If you implement the methods without using the MarketingCloud SDK methods as shown, MobilePush functionality does not work as expected. If you **do not** implement the methods, MobilePush functionality **does not** work.

Continue Push Setup with Rich Notifications

See Rich Notifications for more information on handling rich notifications (iOS mutable-content) in MobilePush.