The SDK doesn’t automatically present URLs from these sources.

  • CloudPage URLs from push notifications
  • OpenDirect URLs from push notifications
  • CloudPage URLs from inbox messages using the built-in UITableView delegate

To handle URLs from these sources, follow these instructions.

  1. Implement the MarketingCloudSDKURLHandlingDelegate protocol in your app.
  2. Use the sfmc_setURLHandlingDelegate: method to set a delegate for this protocol.

If you implement the sfmc_handleURL:type: protocol method and set MarketingCloudSDKURLHandlingDelegate, the SDK calls the sfmc_setURLHandlingDelegate: method. The SDK passes to your implementation of sfmc_handleURL:type: an NSURL value. This value contains the data of the push notification or inbox message, including the URL. A type value also reflects the source of the URL, either SFMCURLTypeCloudPage or SFMCURLTypeOpenDirect.

See MarketingCloudSDK+URLHandling.h for more information.