If a device is setup with FaceId or Passcode based authentication, and if an application (with MarketingCloudSDK integrated) accesses the Keychain when the device is in a locked state, a fatal exception is thrown. The SDK cannot access these files due to the iOS Data Protection mode.

Common Exceptions with Keychain thrown by the SDK


  1. Fatal Exception: com.salesforce.security.keychainException dictionaryItemFromKeychain: Error attempting to look up keychain item: errSecInteractionNotAllowed

  2. Fatal Exception: com.salesforce.security.keychainException setObject:forKey:: Error saving value to the keychain: errSecInteractionNotAllowed.

  3. Fatal Exception: com.salesforce.security.keychainException writeToKeychain: Error adding keychain item: errSecInteractionNotAllowed.


  • Upgrade to MarketingCloudSDK version - 8.0.8 and SFMCSDK version - 1.0.6
  • Before initializing the SDK, add the code to setKeychainAccessErrorsAreFatal as false as => SFMCSdk.setKeychainAccessErrorsAreFatal(errorsAreFatal: false)
    • The above logs the exception to console instead of crashing the application.

Note: setKeychainAccessErrorsAreFatal is by default set to true in the SDK.

Unknown status code (-34018)

Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'com.salesforce.security.keychainException', reason: 'dictionaryItemFromKeychain: Error attempting to look up keychain item: Unknown status code (-34018)'


Enable Keychain sharing in the Xcode Signing & Capabilities. Please note that no identifiers need to be added specific to SDK in keychain sharing.

Learning App

  • Please note that the code sample shows how to integrate SDK, not all piece of code is mandatory and it is up to the consuming application.