Silent Push Messages for MobilePush

This document contains conceptual and procedural information about sending a silent push message to a mobile app using the MobilePush app and the REST API.

What are Silent Push Messages

A silent push message appears on a mobile app without triggering a visual or audible alert on the mobile device. Examples include subscriptions read inside the Google Newsstand app or updates to messages within an app that do not require notifications.

How to Send Silent Push Messages

Follow the steps below to create and send silent push messages:

  1. Create an API-triggered MobilePush message.
  2. Ensure you set the content-available property to 1.
  3. Set the override property to true.
  4. Use the sample payload below as a model for your own message:

Once you create the original message, you can pass text to the message using subsequent messages as part of the Override value.

Receiving Silent Push Messages

Refer to the Events documentation for information on how to listen for silent push notifications.