To connect your Android app to the Marketing Cloud, create a MobilePush app in MobilePush within Marketing Cloud.

Each app in MobilePush represents an application connected to Marketing Cloud. Developers familiar with connected apps in will find the concept of connected apps in Marketing Cloud similar. MobilePush apps represent apps built for the iOS or Android mobile platforms that use MobilePush to communicate with their users via push messages. Marketing Cloud classifies MobilePush apps as consumer-grade applications and utilize long-lived limited access tokens.

After you log into MobilePush, follow these steps to create a new MobilePush app:

  1. Click Add New App.
  2. Enter the name and description for the app.
  3. Click Choose file and upload the icon for the MobilePush app.
  4. To enable your app for GCM, enter the API key for the GCM client.
  5. Make any applicable changes to the optional settings.
  6. Click Save.

Review the steps in our MobilePush documentation for more information.